Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How to wallpaper a chimney breast! It's easier than you think!

Want to know how to do it?

First measure the width of your chimney breast then measure half the width of your wallpaper and mark a vertical line this far from the edge of the chimney breast using a chalked plumb line (available from all DIY stores)

Take a measurement from the ceiling to the mantel shelf and then from ceiling to floor then add 10cm to each measurement to allow for trimming.

Cut one length to go above the mantel shelf and place face down and brush on the wallpaper paste. Brush from the centre outwards then loosely fold and leave to soak always reading the paste instructions.

Using the chalked line on the wall place the wallpaper in the centre brushing down and outwards. Using the back of a pair of scissors mark at the top and bottom where you need to trim, ease the paper away and then trim and brush back.

Cut the remainder of the lengths needed to size and make sure pattern repeat matches. Paste and soak then position the lengths and trim off excess. Make sure as you position the lengths that you ensure you brush away air bubbles and smooth the joins. Repeat all over wallplace until you have a bare strip to each recess edge.

Measure the distance from the edge of the last piece of paper to the corner of the wall adding 25mm. Cut paper to size, paste and hang around the corner of the fireplace wall. Hang the offcut from the first piece of paper next to this piece and continue into the internal corner.

At the internal corner mark a line down with the back of a pair of scissors and trim off the excess and ease back as before.


Checklist of items you will need to complete the job.......

Chalked plumb line
Wallpaper scissors
Retractable tape measure
Pasting table
Pasting brush
Wallpaper paste
Papering brush
Craft or stanley knife
Clean cloth

Please email me photo's of your decorating victories or mishaps to be able to share hints and tips!

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